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of the recent attack there which rutted in the u.s. ambassador's death proves it's time for a change. >> the last couple of weeks with all the problems in libya and the administration's four or five different conflicting statement abouts it may be mitt romney goes in with the upper hand. >> reporter: look for candidates to bring discussions back to the economy as their running natures are doing. >> we're not even creating enough jobs every month just to keep up with the growth of our country's population. we are heading in the wrong direction. he can't run on that record. >> america is not in decline. here's what it is. romney and ryan are in den kneel. >> reporter: -- in denial. >> reporter: vice president biden spoke in ohio where a new poll shows president obama leading. his lead is half of what it was before the first two debates putting more pressure on both candidates to make this final debate count. >> joining me now from boca raton, florida with a preview of tonight's debate is washington bureau chief for u.s. d.a. susan -- "u.s.a. today" susan page. how have things changed f
mentioned, the fact checker here at u.s.a. today will be looking at this debate and figuring out who is telling you the absolute truth about that they believe and what they are saying about your debate. also, as we said, 11:00, we wrap up the entire thing on 9news. back to you in the studio. >> we'll be watching on air and online, derek. thank you. >>> ten years ago tonight, we were struggling to come to terms with what happened earlier in the day. four people shot out of nowhere killed in montgomery county and before the day was over, a fifth would die standing on a street corner in the district. it was really the first day of the terror that would grip this region for three straight weeks. as john allen mohommed and john malvo went on a shooting spree. they were caught at a rest stop off i-70 in meyersville, maryland. that's where police gathered a will lot of their evidence for their conviction. >> i'm scott broom in prince georges county where ten years after the sniper attacks, the archives and the evidence have been handed over to cure tores tures. there sits that 1990 capri
. i could be saving your life in the future. >> his parents brought him to the u.s. at 12. he graduated from kennedy high school, earned straight a's at montgomery college, was diagnosed with bone cancer at 18. >> i want to save lives. just like my life was saved once. >> ricardo could scrape together enough money, but he says the out of state tuition charged undocumented immigrants now puts college out of reach. >> the tuition now is about $28,000 at the university of maryland. >> can you afford it? >> i can't afford that. >> it's not a right that you go to college. in fact, my question is, what are you doing here in the first place? >> brad is among the critics who no, forced the dream act. >> if they wantto educate themselves, god bless them. >> it's hard to see how much it will cost. montgomery college might have the most experience. it offers in county tuition to anyone who graduated from a montgomery county high school, regardless of citizenship. >> for us, the idea is a validation of what we already do. we don't anticipate a huge influx. >> convinced voters
with our sister publication, u.s.a. today tracking the debate. you can watch it live on wusa9 and stream live at we're going to have live blogging from the political team here at u.s.a. today on our website and then tonight at 11:00, we fact check what the candidates said, what was true, what wasn't, without any spin. that's it from here, let's go back to the studio for more on a big change in local law enforcement, lesli, back to you. >> thank you. yeah, the budget act could mean the end for a controversial immiation policy in prince william county. >> i'm peggy fox in woodbridge. the controversial and tough antiimmigration policy may be defunded by the feds. while some people are cheering, chairman corey stewart says he is steamed. >> this is not a budget cut. >> corey stewart received credit and criticism nationwide. it trains officers to check immigration status of people that are arrested. >> they are folding under pressure from the american civil liberties union. >> program cut crime nearly 50%. but advocates for immigrants say that's malarkey. >> the crime level
marriage between a man and a woman. the u.s. supreme court is expected to ultimately decide this issue. and now we all know that the same-sex marriage will be on the ballot this november in maryland. and scott broom will have more on that side of the story. >> reporter: maryland voters will get to decide the same-sex marriage question here on the question 6 ballot. new polling from the washington post shows marylanders in favor of the same-sex marriage by a margin of52-43. the heaviest opposition remains in churches. and among african americans. >> it is a matter of fairness and a matter of equality. >> reporter: today, supporters of gay marriage put the focus on religion by rolling out religious leaders of all kinds. >> we see this about justice and equality. and really this is about fairness. >> reporter: whos gay marriage and question 6. >> and it is important to remember that the civil marriage protection act, strongly preserves the religious freedom. >> there is nothing in the civil marriage protection act that will force any individual clergy person to perform the same-sex marria
the corn harvest will be more than halfway finished. the u.s. drought monitor map shows that 75% of iowa is suffering extreme or exceptional drought, which are the two worst classifications. now, that's up 10% from the previous week. and iowa is the nation's biggest corn producer. boy have they used some rain. >> yes. this has been going on for how long? >> a little more tonight, but nothing like, what they really are need. one tropical storm for you, some from illinois and missouri, but not enough. a great day for you, finally clearing it out. that's despite the clouds and the showers this morning. now, we will talk about the fall color with a lot of e- mails about this. i do want to remind everyone that the festival in oakland are not for this weekend, but next weekend, which will work out pretty nicely. as you needed to jump up the divide. and other than that, along i- 81, some good colors there with a little bit of color around parts of the metro area. you go into southern maryland, just a little or no change right now. again, you'll want to plan a weekend out in skyline drive. the s
pages of evidence released by the u.s. doping agency and now three of armstrong's biggest sponsors have severed ties with him. it all started this morning with, well with armstrong ice biggest sponsor, nike, followed by anheuser-busch. due to the insurmountable evidence that armstrong participated in doping for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we terminated our contract with him. nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner. >>> after enjoying two days off, including a much deserved victory monday, the washington redskins got back to work today. a big week as they prepare to open divisional play. it all started sunday when theberg di and gold travel to the meadow lands and face eli manning and the giants. if you recall last year, the redskins swept the g-men before they became champs and now that they are search seven weeks into the season, they have plenty of time to prepare. >> it definitely won't be this one. i'm not much of a trash talker. let there be it and that's all that you can say about it. everybody is going it be rea
the chesapeake bay and nearby calvert cliff state park. >>> a slew of cases for the u.s. supreme court this season. the justices wasted no time getting back to work today. they started the session by hearing arguments about whether businesses or individuals can be sued in the u.s. for conduct on foreign soil. the justices also declined to hear arguments about redistricting in illinois, the use of full body scanners for airport security and a challenge to a federal rule barring development in national forests. this term they're expected to hear cases about affirmative action, same sex marriage and voter rights. >>> we could all face a massive tax increase if congress does not get to work to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. a new study from the tax policy center says a typical middle income family could he would its taxes go up by about 2 -- could see its taxes go up by about $2,000 if congress does not extend a slew of tax cuts set to expire in december. >>> today marks one year since the occupy movement hit d.c. and supporters say their fight for financial change is not over. >> repo
to choose from. here are your choices. go to or d. c. to vote. and finally tonight, look at that guy. he looks familiar. that's alex ovechkin. they were scheduled to kick off their season this friday, but the lockout has the great eight playing over in russia. he netted the game winner for moscow. fourth goal in eight games. it might be all we see this evening. >> he belongs back here. >> that's it for us. the cbs everyoning news is next. >>> and derek is back with our only local news.
the reporting was at the time. >> the social media post by onshar ahsharia also called for an attack on the u.s. embassy in tripoli. >>> just 13 days left till the election and the candidates are spending nearly every waking hour trying to get your vote. >> we're going to pull an all nighter. >> i need you to vote. i need you to get your neighbors to vote. >> as they criss-cross the country both candidates plan to spend more time in one of the most hotly contested states, florida. almost one in three likely voters in the sunshine state is over the age of 65. so medicare and retirement benefits are big talkers over these last couple weeks. >>> tonight virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli is expanding an investigation into possible statewide voter fraud. a pennsylvania man faces charges in rockingham county of throwing completed registration forms into the trash. that man worked for a company hired by republicans to conduct voter registration drivers. >>> signs that the political climate is on fire, well, one leesburg couple found their romney sign actually burning in their front yard. >> rep
at takoma, and georgia avenue stations. >>> there is new focus on the highly contested u.s. senate race in the battleground state of virginia. the virginia aarp and league of women voters are sponsoring a debate tonight between former governor's george allen and tim kaine. they both want jim webb senate seat in virginia. webb is not seeking reelection. that debate is at 8:00 in richmond and you can watch it live at >>> be sure to join me tonight at 7:00 for 9news. i have the story of a three- week old kitten that caused a commotion there when it decided to hitch a road under the hood of a guy's car. >> we'll see you at 7:00. but still ahead in this half hour, a new report finds serious lapses among tsa agents. at one of the nation's largest airports. the details ahead. top. >> well, it is more like november than october. here's the reason why. 17 degrees below average. 55 and 45 go in the books. averages are still 72 and 53. record high 91. record low of 36. we'll come back and track rain and showers for you and tell you when the real october weather will return. >> plus,
.c. is becoming the first place in the u.s. to use technology that's already a huge hit overseas. we'll explain how it works. >>> hailing a cab in d.c. is sometimes easier said than done, but don't worry. there's now an app for that. today marked the launch of the my taxi service in the city and you use it on your phone. here's how it works. drivers can sign up to take part in the service. once you sign in to say you need a cab it uses gps to find the closest one to you and sends it your way. at the end of the ride you can pay using paypal or a preloaded credit card on your account. to learn more go to our website >>> white is topping the list of most popular car colors this year. the annual survey by an automotive paint supplier finds that 22% of the cars and trucks built for model year 2012 have white paint. silver vehicles account for 20%. black, gray and red round out the top five. > a woman dying of cancer is hoping her story about the tsa prevents other people from going through the same thing. michelle denage has leukemia and packs a lot of prescription drugs for what she'
hours as our winds increase. >> thank you, topper. >>> check out this video from the u.s. coastguard of a rescue off the coast of north carolina today. 14 members of the crew of the hms bounty were pulled from the water. two were missing. one has since been found. she was unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. the coastguard is still searching for the final missing crew member, the captain. the replica tall ship sank off the coast of north carolina this morning and nose -- those are the dramatic pictures. >>> engineers are racing to the top of a 74 story high rise because of a dangling construction crane hanging over 57 streets in manhattan. no word what caused the crane to become loose. new york city mayor michael bloomberg said all construction cranes were already inspected before the storm. meterologists believe winds are blowing around 95 miles per hour. so you could see how something like that could break. >> apparently that was connected to some luxury building that was being built there. we're back with more in a moment on hurricane sandy. >>> our facebook page is great
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